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Backgammon 101 Links to the Newcomer

Backgammon 101 Links to the Newcomer

By Pirarucu Ataca Humanos
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I want to buy a backgammon board but I’m unsure what to buy or search for.

So, here I will recommend some sites you can look at and make up your mind:

I want to see some reviews/unboxings before buying a backgammon board/equipment.

You can find some ‘ok’ unboxings on YouTube, but there is no place to go other than Justin McKenna’s channel:

If you want written reviews with detailed photos, you must hit up Backgammon Board Fan’s site:

What books are available so I can improve my backgammon skills?

That’s the most up-to-date list (post-A.I. era) that will help your backgammon level of play:

There are tutorials on playing the game on the internet?

For me, nothing beats the Backgammon Galaxy’s tutorial on playing the game and the “Beginner’s mistakes in backgammon” series, so here are the links:

I want to watch good matches and tournaments online.

You can find many recorded backgammon matches on YouTube, there are – also – specialized channels with tons of matches and full tournaments recorded, so here’s a list of them:


So, if you still thirsty for backgammon information, here some assorted links:

That’s all, folks. If you have more information and helpful links for the newcomers drop down here in the comments!

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