Nextgammon Community Policy

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Community Policy

We have provided the possibility of backgammon through the internet for those who are interested in these games. People can play and compete with other players from any country in a safe and regular environment using their own devices (Cellphones, computers, etc). Registering or using the website means you read, understood, and accept all of the following rules.

We do all our best so that you have an excellent experience of playing backgammon. To maintain the order and to have a suitable social space, following the following rules is mandatory for all members of the site.

Fair competition

Holding the competition fair is one of the requirements of the site. Players can participate in competitions or tournaments of their choices that the scores and the balances will increase according to the play if they win. Therefore, maintaining fairness in the game is very important for the site, and any fraud is not allowed in the game process in any way.

The rules against fraud

  • Having multiple accounts on this site is against the rules.
  • Using every kind of software or tool to sign-in automatically or any simulated electronic device that plays instead of the person is not allowed.
  • Using every software that decreases the need of making a decision (such as artificial intelligence) and presents it at the moment of consultation is not allowed.
  • Separating a part of the site codes for access to the source and disruption in the site functionality is strictly prohibited.

If users recognize any violations or fraud, they can follow up through the support section. In case of any fraud or violation of the rules, the user's account is blocked and is obliged to pay the financial damages imposed on the site or other users.

Conversation etiquette in the site

The site has provided the possibility of having a conversation and sending emojis during the match to enjoy the play more and to maintain etiquette. It is better to greet your opponent in a friendly way and say goodbye to your opponent at the end of the match.

The rules and the consideration of conversation

  • When you feel that your opponent is thinking, do not distract him and do not mention the opponent’s chance during the match.
  • Do not laugh when your opponent is playing badly and do not show your happiness when you are ahead of your opponent.
  • You are not allowed to send any message regarding advertising on other online sites and third-party referrals.
  • You are not allowed to have a conversation on negative points of the site or its services.
  • Do not try to distract the competitor by sending emojis.
  • Choose the emoji according to the condition of the game.
  • Your match spectators will be able to see your conversation.

Remember that your account will be blocked if you do not follow any of the conversation rules.

The rules and the consideration of leaving comments

We want to provide a more dynamic space to users. For this purpose, it is possible to participate in various topics by leaving comments and annotations.

  • You aren’t allowed to leave a comment that is sexist, racist, and political.
  • You are not allowed to insult other user's comments or use harsh words.
  • Do not forget that you are responsible for what you leave as a comment because the users of different ages view your comment.
  • All of your comments will be reviewed by the support team. If you violate the law, your comment will not be displayed and you will have no right to object.
  • If you violate the rules many times, your account will be blocked without previous notice.

Social behavior

To have a fair match, two players should behave in such a way that they like someone else to behave to them.

Do not forget the following rules during the play:

  • Never leave the match because you want the time of the match to finish. This behavior is vicious and causes the competitor’s useless waiting. Your account will be blocked if we receive multiple reports on such behavior. So make sure the game is over if you are going to leave the game.
  • Do not try to make the rating system of the site out of order by making multiple accounts.
  • If you think that your opponent is cheating in any way, it will not be a reason that you do the same.

If you see a user cheating or misbehaving, take a screenshot and sent it to the support section. Keep in mind that if a user simply leaves the game and the game time is over, it will not be considered a deliberate behavior. It can have different reasons such as not having access to the site, the user’s device failure, etc….

If any fraud is detected by the administrators, the site has the right to block your account.