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Tactics that Make Your Backgammon Skills Shine

Tactics that Make Your Backgammon Skills Shine

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Let's dive into the vibrant world of backgammon tactics! There are four key tactics that drive the game, each holding its own enchanting power. We're about to unlock their secrets, so get ready for a thrilling ride. Oh, and don't worry if some terms sound like gibberish; our friendly Glossary is here to help beginners. Plus, for the intrepid explorers, our (Playing Guides)[/blog] offer a treasure trove of extra insights.

Strategy vs Tactics

Hold up, what's the difference between strategy and tactics? Here's the scoop: strategy is your overarching game plan, while tactics are your nimble maneuvers to make that plan work. Your grand mission in backgammon? Clear your checkers off the board before your opponent does. Luck joins the party, but your strategy is the superstar, dictating your journey. And guess what? Your strategy can switch lanes multiple times within a single game—talk about a dynamic dance!

Picture this: priming—a strategy that unfolds over time. Crafting a six-point prime isn't a one-move wonder; it's like building a masterpiece, stroke by stroke. Dozens of plays pave the way to prime glory. And every single move in this priming masterpiece involves finely selected tactics.

backgammon priming tactics.

Securing Points

Here's a savvy move: gather two or more checkers on a single point. This nifty trick in backgammon boasts two sweet perks. Firstly, it's like offering your checkers a cozy haven to land on while they journey across the board. Secondly, it puts a hitch in your opponent's checkers dance—no more vacant spots for them to gracefully land on.

Building Primes

Want to raise your strategy game? Secure consecutive points to create a prime. Primes are your secret weapon—they barricade your opponent, demanding mighty rolls to break free. The pièce de résistance? The legendary six-point prime that traps your rival's checkers like prisoners.

Hit Blots

Imagine this: a lone opponent checker on a point. Now, swoop in and hit it! That checker's banished off the board, hurled back to the bar. Your rival must toss the dice again to re-enter, giving you a sweet advantage in the race. Plus, after the hit, move your checker forward to safety. Or, here's an even juicier option—if it's in the cards, hit a second checker. Why? Because having two re-enter is trickier than one!


When all else fails, let builders shape your destiny. These smartly positioned checkers are your ticket to future points. Evolve your board, take calculated risks, and secure those game-changing points. Even if it means leaving blots as breadcrumbs towards your goals!

Builders are checkers that have been moved into position in the hope of using it to create a point on a subsequent roll. Developing your position means improving the overall structure of the board in order to create flexibility. To achieve this, you may need to take some risks by slotting or splitting checkers. These risks involve leaving blots as builders to secure a valuable point on subsequent rolls.

building tactics in backgammon. Figure2: Building tactic.

Backgammon tactics? Consider them cracked! Elevate your game, strategize like a pro, and roll your way to victory.

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