“Q” Backgammon Terms

Terms that Start with “Q” Letter

There are - 8 - terms.


One quarter of the playing area on a backgammon board. The first quadrant comprises a player's points 1 to 6, the second quadrant points 7 to 12, the third quadrant points 13 to 18, and the fourth quadrant points 19 to 24.


The roll of 4-4 on the dice (double 4's).

Quarter Entry

A quarter entry is a single elimination tournament for four players, which is held before the beginning of a greater tournament. Each of the four contestants pays an entry fee of (usually slightly more than) a quarter of the entry fee of the main event. The winner of this four person tournament is entitled to play in the main event.

Quasi-Random Dice

A technique used to reduce the element of luck in a rollout by ensuring the numbers rolled in the first few rolls of each trial are as evenly distributed as possible. For example, if you roll out a position 36 times, quasi-random dice will ensure that each trial begins with a different roll.


Traditional name for the four-point.

Quiet Play

An unassuming play that does not hit, or slot, or pose an immediate threat; it just maintains the status quo.

Quiz Factor

A feature of a problem that makes it interesting enough to appear on a quiz. The mere appearance on a quiz suggests that the "obvious" play may not be the correct play.