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Online Backgammon Match Play or Unlimited Games

Nextgammon provides multiplayer online backgammon matches with exciting graphics and enjoyable gameplay that works on a wide-vary of devices

  • Play online multiplayer backgammon matches with the vary of speeds and lengths
  • Ability to create a match for free or place a bet for a specified amount of coins
  • Play unlimited matches (Also known as Money Games)
  • Watch ongoing backgammon matches. You can also see a detailed analysis of all matches
  • ELO rating, scoreboard, resignation, themes, chat and stickers, fullscreen, pip-counts, history, etc.

Wide-Variety of Backgammon Tournaments

Backgammon tournaments with various formats and options are available to the fans of this game with excellent prizes

  • Free and paid tournaments, within valuable prizes in daily, weekly, and monthly periods
  • VIP tournaments with different speeds, skills requirements, match length, and registration entries limit
  • Sit "n" Go tournaments with different buy-ins and number of entries up to 16 players
  • Winners of Nextgammon's special tournaments will be awarded a medal (in the applicable category) and a Certificate
  • Supports different formats of tournaments (single-elimination mode, knock-out, swing)

Developed by Advanced Security Principles

Protecting your data is our top priority. we are trying to keep the community safe and cheat-free

  • All sensitive data stored encrypted in a centralized database, including personal private data
  • Two-Factor authentication to keep accounts more secure
  • Sessions management to check account activities
  • Anti-bots always analysis matches to detect cheaters
  • Various security options to make higher-security based on user preferences

Collect Achievements by Your Advanced Backgammon Skills

If you like completing simple tasks and getting rewarded for it, then Nextgammon's trophies program is something for you.

  • Dozens of trophies that by winning them you can earn special prizes
  • Trophies are available in a wide variety of different categories for our players
  • Track your progress towards individual trophies instantly
  • Share your trophies with the world in your Nextgammon profile
  • Special trophies that are available at specific events

Make Backgammon More Entertainment

We offer a wide variety of prizes for your activities that you can get rewarded for that activity.

  • Various bonuses such as welcome bonuses, deposits bonuses, etc.
  • Special prizes for free and paid tournaments
  • Annual award for our advanced analysis feature
  • Exclusive bonuses that are available at special events
  • Rewards related to your activities such as inviting friends or affiliate program
backgammon checkers are on a 3d space

Backgammon Match Analysis

Match Analysis

Backgammon matches will be analyzed by moves, cube, and luck, that we do these analyses at the world-class level for free. The analysis includes error ratings, suggested checker moves, luck rating, dice statistics, etc.

  • Instant Backgammon Analysis

    At the end of the backgammon match, nextgammon will briefly show error rate, luck rate, and skills to you. A full detailed analysis will be available to you

  • World Class Level Analysis

    Backgammon matches are analyzed with the most optimal methods to provide accurate suggestions and measurements

  • Annotations

    By annotating the decisions you made while playing, you can help to improve your or others' skills.

  • Errors Collection

    All your errors will be categorized in errors collection as this allows you to a simpler review.

Backgammon Tournaments

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