“S” Backgammon Terms

Terms that Start with “S” Letter

There are - 79 - terms.


Free from danger of being hit.

Safe Play

A play that leaves no blots, or a play that leaves blots only in positions where the opponent is unlikely to hitCompare: Bold Play.

Safety a Checker

Move a checker out of danger of being hit.

Safety Up

Cover a blot or move it out of range of being hit.


To conceal or misrepresent your true ability.

To enter a tournament division below your skill level.

Save a Number

To leave a position in which a particular number will play comfortably next turn so you will not be forced you to destroy your position if you roll that number. Typically, you save a number to avoid having to leave a shot or break a valuable point.  Compare: Kill a Number.

Save Backgammon

To escape all of your checkers from the opponent's home board before he is able to bear off all of his own checkers, and thereby avoid losing a backgammon (2).

Save Gammon

To bear off one of your own checkers before the opponent has borne off all of his, and thereby avoid losing a gammon.

Seeded Player

A competitor in a tournament whose position in the draw is predetermined to ensure that he will not meet other seeded players in the early rounds of an elimination event. See this thread.