“V” Backgammon Terms

Terms that Start with “V” Letter

There are - 9 - terms.

Variance Reduction

Any technique for reducing the random error of a rollout. Examples are: quasi-random dice, duplicate dice, and luck reduction.

Luck reduction, a variance reduction technique that involves adjusting each trial's result based on an estimate of the luck associated with the rolls of the trial. Because luck reduction is by far the most effective technique for variance reduction, the term variance reduction is often used specifically to refer to this method. See posts by Jim Williams and David Montgomery.


Any game other than backgammon (1) which can be played on a backgammon board. Most backgammon variants use rolls of the dice to determine how the players' checkers move, just as in backgammon.


The Greek name for the exact equivalent of Western backgammon. Greek backgammon, called portes, is slightly different than vidos in that it is played without a doubling cube and has no bonus for winning a backgammon (2).


The small additional considerations that affect the total equity of a position, such as gammon vigorish and recube vigorish.


A measure of how much a position's equity is likely to change in the next roll or two. See posts by Chuck Bower and Kit Woolsey.

Voluntary Double

A regular double, where one player offers to double the stakes of the game, as opposed an automatic double when identical numbers are thrown at the beginning of the game.

Volunteer a Shot

Purposely leave a blot within range of being hit now rather than be forced to leave it later when the danger may be greater.