“G” Backgammon Terms

Terms that Start with “G” Letter

There are - 29 - terms.

GNU Backgammon

A neural-net computer program that plays backgammon (1) and analyzes positions and matches. GNU Backgammon is a cooperative effort of many volunteers. It is "free" software as defined by the GNU General Public License. See the post by Gary Wong and the tutorial by Albert SilverWebsite: GNU Backgammon.

Golden Point

The opponent's five-point, the best place to build an anchor.

Go Out

To achieve the points (4) necessary to win a match.

Greedy Bearoff

A mode in some computer programs and on some backgammon servers where the computer will automatically bear off the maximum number of checkers possible.

Gul Bara

A Middle Eastern game in which a single checker controls a point (1) and doubles are very powerful.  See: How to Play Gul Bara.