“D” Backgammon Terms

Terms that Start with “D” Letter

There are - 61 - terms.


[From the action a player makes as he first reaches to enter his checker then pulls his arm back when he notices the numbers are blocked.]  To throw numbers which fail to enter a checker from the bar.

Dansk Backgammon Forbund (DBgF)

Danish Backgammon Federation.   Website: www.dbgf.dk.

Dead Checker

A spare checker deep in the player's home board where it serves no useful purpose.  See: Bury a Checker.

Dead Cube

A doubling cube with no further doubling value. In match play, the cube is said to be dead when the player owning the cube has no reason to double. For example, a player who owns a 2-cube when he is two points (4) away from winning the match will never double because he can win the match with the cube at its current level.

Dead Number

A specific number on the dice which cannot be played in the current position; see kill a number.


On a low-numbered point (1), usually the one-point or two-point.

Deep Anchor

An anchor on the opponent's one-point or two-point.


A rolled die showing the number 2.


Traditional name for the two-point.


[Plural of die.]  Two small cubes, each with faces marked with spots (pips (1)) representing the numbers 1 to 6. Dice for backgammon usually have rounded corners so they roll more easily. You throw a pair of dice at the start of each turn, and move your checkers according to the numbers thrown.