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Thorp Count

  1. A formula devised by Edward O. Thorp for making doubling decisions in pure race games. It is a modification of the basic pip count designed to take into account elements of checker distribution. Each player's Thorp count is his pip count, plus 2 for each of his checkers still on the board, minus 1 for each of his occupied home board points, plus 1 for each checker on his one-point. Then the player on roll increases his count by 10 percent if it is more than 30. Thorp advises: Double any time your count does not exceed the opponent's by more than 2; redouble any time your count does not exceed opponent's by more than 1; accept the double if your count does not exceed doubler's by more than 2. See post by Simon Woodhead. For a comparison with other methods, see the article, "Cube Handling In Noncontact Positions".

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