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Quick Tour

Welcome to the Nextgammon Quick Tour!

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the dynamic world of Nextgammon! This guide offers a swift and insightful walkthrough, equipping you with everything you need to navigate and relish your online backgammon experience. From setting up an account to participating in riveting matches, joining tournaments, managing coins, exploring advanced features such as analysis and ratings, and customizing settings, we will guide you through every facet of the Nextgammon platform.

1. Creating an Account

If you haven't yet created an account on Nextgammon, fear not! The process is straightforward and essential for joining matches. You can opt to sign up using your email or through your Google account.

To start, visit the Sign-up page. Provide the required details, then click "Sign up." Once registered, you'll gain access to all platform features and opportunities to elevate your account rank.

For a comprehensive guide, take a look at the Account Creation Process.

2. Engaging in Backgammon Matches

Delve into the exhilaration of backgammon by participating in matches. Engage by either initiating a new match or sending join requests to existing games.

Nextgammon presents four distinct backgammon variants: Backgammon, Nackgammon, Tavla, and Hyper-Gammon.

  • Creating a New Match: To kickstart a new match, simply click the plus button or "New Match." A dialogue will emerge, enabling you to configure match settings. Choose your preferred variation, speed, length, and stake. Once configured, tap "Create Match." Your request will become visible to other players, who can then send join requests. Accept an incoming request to commence the match, or defer and await further opportunities.

  • Joining an Existing Match: In the Join section, you'll discover matches seeking opponents. Select the "Join" button adjacent to the desired player and await their response. Upon acceptance, the match will ignite.

3. Participating in Backgammon Tournaments

Embrace two diverse tournament experiences within Nextgammon: scheduled tournaments and "Sit n Go." Scheduled tournaments boast specific start times, attracting a larger player pool. Conversely, "Sit n Go" tournaments offer limited seating and initiate once all slots are claimed.

Head over to the Tournaments page. Ensure that you are on the Active tournaments tab. Review the tournament format and details. If a particular tournament catches your interest, simply click on the "Join" button. Alternatively, clicking on "Details" will lead you to the tournament details page, where you can access comprehensive information including tournament details, participating players, ongoing matches, prize distribution, and brackets.

Upon joining a scheduled tournament, make sure to log into the app at the specified start time. A dialog will surface, leading you to your tournament match. Moreover, if you find yourself on the Play page, your tournament match will seamlessly open.

Stay on the lookout for the array of freeroll backgammon tournaments with enticing prizes that Nextgammon frequently hosts.

4. Post-Match Analysis

All matches undergo meticulous AI-driven analysis, provided to you at no cost. Examine your moves and cube decisions post-match, an invaluable resource for enhancing your skills.

5. The Next Rating System

At the outset, all players begin with an initial rating of 1500. The Nextgammon rating system operates on the ELO principle, adjusting after each match:

Example: For a given match, a player may earn 24 points:

  • Winning both PR and match: +24 Points
  • Winning match, losing PR: +12 Points
  • Losing both PR and match: -24 Points
  • Winning PR, losing match: 0 Points

Additionally, different player levels are determined by Elo Rating:

  • Beginner: < 1000
  • Rookie: < 1200
  • Casual Player: < 1400
  • Intermediate: < 1600
  • Advanced: < 1800
  • Expert: < 2000
  • World Class: < 2300
  • Grandmaster: < 2500

6. Coins Management

Enhance your experience by purchasing coins. Choose from PayPal, cryptocurrencies, or PerfectMoney Voucher for deposits. For more information on using cryptocurrencies, refer to Pay with Cryptocurrencies. Withdrawing coins follows a similar process. Deposit requests are usually processed within 24 hours (often in less than an hour), while the first withdrawal request may require additional time.

7. Learning and Support

Nextgammon offers comprehensive resources to assist you:

  • Explore the Help Center for in-depth guides.
  • Academy, featuring 780 backgammon terms complete with images and descriptions. The accompanying blog serves as a valuable resource for learning and honing your backgammon skills.
  • Should you encounter any issues, reach out to the dedicated support team.

8. Account Customization

Tailor your experience with the Account Settings feature. Update profile information, add social links, and personalize the app's appearance. You have full control over backgammon board themes, ensuring your gaming environment matches your preferences.

9. Provable Dice Fairness

Rest assured with provably fair dice rolls, ensuring transparency and a fair play experience. Customize settings such as sound muting, pip-count hiding, and disabling automatic forced moves. Graphics options are available to optimize performance based on your device.

10. Stay Connected

Nextgammon is continually evolving with new features and enhancements. Keep an eye out for updates and announcements as you enjoy playing your favorite board games online!

Experience the excitement and enjoyment of Nextgammon. Get started on your journey today!

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