“A” Backgammon Terms

Terms that Start with “A” Letter

There are - 29 - terms.


American Backgammon Tour, an annual master-point competition of participants in major U.S. tournamentsWebsite: ABT.

Accept a Double

To agree to continue playing a game at twice the previous stakes after the opponent offers a doubleCompare: Refuse a Double.


A rolled die showing the number 1.


Traditional name for the one-point.

Ace-Point Game

A position in the late stages of a game in which a player is anchored on the opponent's one-point trying to hit a shot as the opponent brings his checkers home and bears them off.


The roll of 1 and 2 with two dice.

A backgammon variant in which the roll of 1 and 2 gives the player extra turns.  See: How to Play Acey-Deucey.

Acting Captain

In a chouette, the crew member who plays for the team against the box after the original captain has declined box's double and is no longer in the game.

Action Play

A play designed to provoke an exchange of hits, typically used after the opponent has escaped his runners.

Action Position

A position in which one player doubles based upon his immediate blot-hitting chances.

Active Builder

A checker which is completely free to make another point.

Advanced Anchor

An anchor on the opponent's five-point, four-point, or sometimes three-point. (The opponent's bar-point is also sometimes called an advanced anchor, though purists insist that only points in the opponent's home board should be called "anchors.")  See: Holding Point.

Advanced Level

A player of considerable experience and skill who has moved beyond intermediate level.