Nextgammon Terms of Services

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Terms of Services

Nextgammon is a platform that provides its services to its users via the internet. Using the given services by this platform includes rules and terms that have been explained in this document and other referred documents (Other documents section). These documents are as an agreement between us and the person who uses these services in any way and it is the policy of the portfolio to advance the processes, determine the rights, and follow up the complaint. Using the website means a precise and complete study, its understanding, and its approval by the person who uses the website in any way and by any device.

All the documents related to the rules may be amended at intermittent intervals that these changes will be announced on the pages related to every document. The continued use of the service means your acceptance of the new rules and our criterion is always the latest version of the rule.

Definitions and key terms

Account: means a unique account created for You to access our Service or parts of our Service.

Company: when this policy mentions “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our,” it refers to Nextgammon that is responsible for your information under this Privacy Policy.

Device: any internet-connected device such as a phone, tablet, computer, or any other device that can be used to visit Nextgammon and use the services.

IP address: Every device connected to the Internet is assigned a number known as an Internet protocol (IP) address. These numbers are usually assigned in geographic blocks. An IP address can often be used to identify the location from which a device is connecting to the Internet.

Service: refers to the service provided by Nextgammon as described in the relative terms and on this platform.

Website: Nextgammon’s site, which can be accessed via this URL:

You: a person or entity that is signed-up with Nextgammon to use the Services.

Tournaments: Tournaments mean every kind of competition that is held in a group that may include one or more winners.

Match: The match includes every kind of backgammon playing form like "Match Play" and "Unlimited Games" that can be played on the website.

General Rules

  • You agree that these conditions and terms may be published in several languages and all of them have the same principles, but only the English version determines these conditions and terms of the legal relationship between you and us.
  • We have not mentioned any geographical limitations on the website, but you must be aware of local and governmental rules to use the services of this website and follow them if necessary. We will not be responsible for your local and governmental limitations. This is your responsibility to observe your local, national, or state rules about gambling.
  • You agree that the backgammon game on the website follows the international rules of backgammon and you are fully aware of these rules.
  • You approve that you have all prerequisites to play the game and you do not have any problem with playing the game.
  • You must make sure that the game runs on your device without any problem before playing a paid match.
  • We have not considered any age limitation to play the game freely, If you want to play a paid game, you must be over 18 years old.
  • We have the right to remove or modify the conditions and terms of the law community, privacy policy, or other documents at any time at our sole discretion. If you continue to use the services after the changes that will be announced to the users in the form of a notice, message, or new version on the website, you will agree to accept these changes.
  • You approve that you have the mental and legal ability to be responsible for your actions.


  • You agree that your account is not transferable on the website.

  • You must not share your password with another person. It is your responsibility to keep the password safe and - you are responsible for all those activities that are done with your account. The use of others’ accounts to play on the website is not allowed and you need to sign-in to the website with your personal account. If you use someone else’s account or you share your account with others, avoid continuing this process ASAP and raise the issue with the support team. We will not responsible for the damages caused by not keeping your account.

  • We reserve the right to review, suspend and delete those accounts that have been inactive for a long time. We may consider a new policy to amend or limit these cases.

    • Those accounts that have been inactive for one year will be suspended. A message will be sent to the user’s e-mail address before the end of the mentioned period to take the necessary measures to prevent the suspension. Otherwise, 4 dollars will be deducted from your balance. If there is no balance, the account will be completely removed from the system.
  • It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your registration details.

  • Please note that it may take some time for you to reactivate your account after we discontinue the service.

We have the right to suspend or block your account at any time in the case of violation of the above items.


  • The use of analytical software and others’ bits of help is not allowed on the website. It is also completely illegal to use robots and the account will be blocked immediately and the balance will be seized as soon as it is seen or detected by Antibot.
  • We receive rake for the matches that are played with a stake, based on the conditions which are specified. This fee may vary depending on the nature and the type of matches.
  • You accept that you run the risk of losing money by playing your games and that you are solely responsible for the damages.
  • You will voluntarily participate in this activity with complete information of the facts and the circumstances of this activity and you are responsible for your participation and its risk.
  • You agree to play responsibly and not to play more than what’s according to your affordability. You are solely responsible for losing your money and we are not responsible for your loss in gambling.
  • You only use the services for personal entertainment and you will not use the services as a way of doing a business or a way of livelihood.
  • You need to use your personal budget for gambling on the website.
  • We ensure that the rolling of the dice is completely random and we will not interfere with the dice numbers. You approve that the roll of the dices is the result of producing random numbers and we do not interfere with the change of the numbers and how they are.
  • You are responsible for the correctness of the given stake details. You can neither cancel your stake nor change it when the match started.
  • We will refund the amount of stake to the user’s balance in the case of stopping the matches such as updates, server malfunction, and the support services.
  • If a player faces a problem when starting the game and before taking the first action and the game ends, we will refund the amount to the players’ balances automatically after checking the game. Only the players’ fees have the problem of deduction.
  • We have used the ways that provide this possibility for us to search and realize those users who intentionally disconnect during the match. If you violate this clause, the site will immediately terminate your access to the services or block your account.


  • You can participate in the tournament only by one account and if it reveals that you use several accounts to participate in the tournament, we will have the right to block your account and will ban your account balance.
  • The tournament will begin on the specified date and time and all the information such as holding, the number of the players, the amount of entrance, the duration, and the length of the game and tournament prizes will be given to you at the registration time or before the beginning of the game. Registration in that match means careful study and the acceptance of the specified conditions.
  • Sit “n” Go tournaments will be begun as soon as the capacity completion of the registration. Note that when registering in these tournaments, do not leave the website in any way until it starts, or make sure of canceling your registration before leaving the website. We are not responsible for your absence.
  • If you do not find your game or do not succeed in playing the game, we will not responsible for it and you will bear all the losses. You have to be online a few minutes before the beginning of the match and provide the conditions of the playing for yourself.
  • You can participate in several tournaments and there is no limitation for it, but note that the time management to play the games will be up to you.
  • Some of the users may hold the matches locally or state-wide on the website. We do not interfere with the holding and the prizes of informal matches.
  • To prevent cheating, we will check each player's match history when paying the prizes. This means that if a player makes a profit contrary to his game history, we are allowed to temporarily suspend the account and the balance and refer them to the relevant unit for further investigation and if the fraud is proven, the account will be permanently blocked.


  • The increase of the account balance is only possible by the ways on the payment page and these ways may be changed at any time.
  • Note that the credit account that you use to pay belongs to you when paying and charging your account. You can top up your account to the specified limit to participate in the cash game on the website due to the deposit restriction set by us and the funds will be paid to your account after payment confirmation and it will be available for you to play paid matches.
  • We are not responsible for the failed payment transaction. You agree that you will only be able to top up your account after confirming a successful transaction. Those transactions whose operations are problematic or have not got final confirmation can be followed up by the support team if the problem is caused by our platform. If it is confirmed, it will be applied to your account.
  • We have the right to cancel the transaction at our discretion at any time in which if the payment is successful, the transaction will be reversed and the money will be deposited according to your payment method.
  • We will do our best to process money withdrawal in time, but there may be some delays because of the necessary time to confirm and complete the process. We will not pay loss to you due to the delay in repaying cash out on your account.
  • You can transfer your account balance on the website to other users of the website due to conditions and restrictions that may change periodically. You agree that the return of the transferred amount to the other users cannot be canceled.
  • An amount of money will be deducted from your account as the fee to transfer money. Money transformation means complete information of the transformation conditions and the acceptance of all conditions.
  • We do not guarantee the current payment methods or withdrawal methods of the website. We will try to provide the easiest payment and withdrawal methods for you, but we reserve the right to deactivate one of the existing methods or adding a new method due to the possibility of unpredictable disruptions.
  • You agree that your account balance that is kept through the website does not include the profits and the returns.
  • The prizes that are deposited to your account for inviting your friends, online payment, or any other cases maybe include the withdrawal limitation, but you can play with it. Also, we reserve this right that if you do not use the bonus for a certain period, we will suspend or deduct it as we consider it expedient.
  • The prizes may be decreased or terminated by us without any responsibility or previous notice.
  • Deposits and withdrawals without using it for playing the games may indicate money laundering and may cause you to lock your account and seize your funds.
  • We may occasionally check the validity of the users’ accounts and if there is a difference, we will correspond with you via email. If your given email is not correct, we will not be responsible for terminating the services due to the inability to communicate with you.


  • You agree that every prize that is given or is acquired on the website will be checked by our expert team before depositing to your account. You need to acquire your prizes by the use of your knowledge, skill, and your luck, otherwise you will be deprived of the prizes.
  • You agree that we are allowed to immediately block your account and prevent paying you the prizes in the case of violation and earning the prize. Violations include the use of robots, the third person’s help, the use of software for analyzing the game, and having several accounts in the matches.
  • You agree that the review and announcing the final opinion
  • may take some time if the violation is initially proven and you will not have the right to object in this case. You also approve that only we have the authority to review and announce the final opinion and you or the other third person does not have the right to interfere with the final vote.

Analysis Service

  • We will be allowed to amend the analysis methods at any time or not to provide the analysis of the matches in a certain interval or some conditions.
  • You agree that all the games you play on the website will be analyzed automatically and this analysis is publically available to others.
  • You agree that the analysis of your matches can be viewed and downloaded by others.
  • Although the analysis suggestions are often correct and are the best methods, we do not guarantee the correctness of the suggestion in any way.


  • Using the website for commercial, advertising, fraud, pyramid companies, or other illegal and indecent activities is not permitted.
  • Offensive hateful harassing speech, pornography, or the invasion of privacy is prohibited and you are not allowed to such behavior in any way.
  • It is forbidden to send every kind of propaganda text, threat, religious messages, membership insects, political debates, and the like.
  • We are not responsible for what the third person has said such as threatening, insulting or racist remarks on the site. If you face such cases, you can inform us via the support section and if the violation is proven, the offender’s account will be blocked as soon as possible.
  • You agree to behave within the rules and with respect in your communications with the support team. We consider it illegal or unethical to use support channels to send inaccurate reports or use offensive language with the support team personnel and we reserve this right that if we see such cases, we will deal with violating user or refuse to provide the services to that person.
  • If you have a complaint, you should submit your complaint to the website support section within a maximum of two weeks.
  • You agree that you are not allowed to announce the existence, nature, or details of any complaint or dispute to the third person. We try to handle the complaints at a reasonable period. Our last decision about complaints is final and imperative for you.
  • If your username or your profile picture is obscene (offensive or sexually explicit), your account will be blocked and your balance will be seized for a while and then will be returned to you.
  • You agree to avoid sending messages that annoy or distract the opponent while playing.
  • You agree that the comments you leave on the blog section are released after the confirmation of our support team. If there is an insult, obscene words, or any concept that harms our business interests, our support team has the right to avoid publishing it.
  • You agree that you are responsible for whatever is published by you on the website and we are not responsible for the created content by users.

Services Availability

  • We do all our best to provide sustainable service, but we do not guarantee that the function of the website will be without error considering the possibility of software or hardware problems. We are not responsible for the discontinuation of the service and your reserved account balance will be returned if the service becomes unavailable for any reason.
  • You may encounter some disruptions while using the service. If you have this disruption, we will not be responsible for you and you will solely be responsible for it.
  • The website is checked by valid centers completely and it will not harm your software or hardware. Every kind of software and hardware problem is not up to us.
  • We are not responsible for your internet disconnection or your software problems that influence the result of the match.

Social Pages

  • Communication channels including web pages, forums, and blogs have been established to provide instruction, news, and announcement. These channels provide the possibility of having your communication with us and the other users.
  • We do not guarantee that other members will not use the ideas and information you share and we are not responsible for it.
  • We are committed to having adequate control of our official communication channels. We also reserve the right to review the content posted on any of these channels and to remove any content at any time and our sole discretion without prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to terminate or suspend every person’s availability to any of his communication channels at any time without previous notice and for any reason.
  • We are allowed to present information and data of the matches in alternative periods in the form of a report or the other way for transparency in any of his communication channels or on the website.
  • We may introduce some links to some of our services or display them on the pages that include advertising. We are not responsible for the services provided outside of our portfolio. We have only introduced them and this does not mean the confirmation of that service.
  • All our services include intellectual property rights. You are not allowed to copy, republish, reverse engineering, separate, translate, or trying to access the resource code to damage and reusing of the service in any way.
  • The given trademarks, pictures, animations, videos, audios, and texts on the website include property rights and copyright law.
  • You agree that you will not have any rights in commercial activities or the content of the site by using our services and you can only benefit from what is permitted to you by this agreement or written permission.

Service Termination

  • You agree that we may terminate our service temporarily or permanently at any time. This may happen because of some reasons such as technical and security problems of the website or the request of legal authorities. We are committed to informing all the users before the complete closure of the website to withdraw their account balance.
  • We will give you the right to delete your account for any reason and at any time. You agree that the information related to the account such as the content of the account, username, and password, the detail of the matches, financial history, transactions, and communication with the users will not be available for you anymore by deleting your account. If you want to delete your account, contact the support team.

Other Documents